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This Story catalogs the history of Lip Colours and Lip sticks right from the 1920's Until the Current times. Each era is special and lips have reflected whats going on socially as well as economically. We have presented the most iconic lip shapes, colours and textures of each decade. The clothes have been styled by each of the model/bloggers themselves for their images. As we wanted to present these iconic lip shapes, their practical usage as well as application in our current times.

Models-BloggersAiana Jain, Vinitha Shetty, Urvashi Choudhary, Namrata Yadav, Pallavi SinghWritten Content and Story DocumentationBy Pallavi Singh , Producer and Co creatorPallavi SinghCreative Content, Photography and Photographic Documentation by Clint Fernandes.Makeup and Hair by Clint Fernandes.Makeup Sponsored and supported by CHANEL Jewellery by Blackballoon Jewellery

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 Makeup played a huge part in helping women recover from the horrors of the war, and assert their new sense of feminine power, In 1914 the first cosmetics for cinema was produced and sold commercially, which was lighter than theatre makeup. Lipstick as a commercial product in a tube was launched in 1915 by Maurice Levy, as the first metal push up lipstick container.
In 1923 the first swivel-up lipstick, the modern lipstick as we know today was patented. The lipstick was applied as a 'cupid bow' invented by Helena Rubinstein and became the must have shape of the decade.

 Colours : Dark Reds to Deep Black and Garnet Red. Women saw actress' in B&W films with dark to deep black lips and started darkening their lips more than the actual reds.

Technique : Start with a sharp V at the center fo the lip, do a bow shape curving the lip to the outer corners of the mouth. Line the lower lip in a soft crescent shape to join with the upper lip. Follow by filling with a dark lip colour and layer with gloss.
Chanel le crayon levres - Rouge Noir Vamp 09 Lip Pencil
Chanel Rouge Allure - Deluree 110 Lip Colour
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss - Heartbeat 762 Lip Gloss.
Chanel Ombre Premier - Scintillance 804 [Base]
Chanel Ombre Premier - Talpa 14 [layered on top]
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils 350 Transparent [eyebrows]
Chanel Inimitable - Black Mascara

Pallavi modernised the look with a long sleeved LBD with strings of pearls and a lace flower. She kept the look a bit playful and still alluring. Pallavi also wore a wrap choker as a headband to add a bit of drama to the outfit. 


Women, having witnessed the financial onslaught of the Great Depression, were thrifty and frugal. The lipstick was now mass produced and hence affordable and felt like a bit of luxuary. This decade was all about elegance.

 Colours used were Glossy Reddish Brown to Ruby Red and very Dark Brown.

How to: Do a soft 'U' in the center of the lip sto create soft peaks not as prominent ast the 20's. The lip line moves to the outer corner of the lip, to square off the edges softly and create a wide mouth. Do the lip line and fill the entire lip with the lip liner. Layer over with the lip colour. I mixed 2 colours here to get the right tone. 

Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Mordore Nude 05 [Lip Pencil]
Chanel Coco Rouge - Martha 470 [Lip Colour]
Chanel Rouge Allure - Deluree 110 [Lip Colour]

Chanel Ombre Premier Duo - 37 Sable Emouvent [Eye Shadow]
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils 350 Transparent [Eyebrow gel]
Chanel Dimensions De Chanel - 40 
Chanel Inimitable -Black [mascara]

Namrata keeps the look elegant and yet casual with an Off shoulder 'Hakoba' lace caplet top and skinny jeans. She gives the look a modern and street style feel while still keeping it chic and elegant. With this style statement Namrata proves the point that today one can wear an 'evening' look for day time events too. 


During World War II everything was in short supply or rationed including cosmetics. Lipsticks were relatively still cheap to make and therefore mass produced. Lipstick boosted women's morale and became a symbol of strength while disguising sorrow. One could not have a new dress every month but one could look glamorous with a new lipstick. Hollywood heroines such as Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn encouraged the idea that women are equally as capable in filling roles formerly occupied by men.

The colours that dominated this decade were glossy vermillion and reds all the way.
Technique - Symmetrical curves, and a rounded shape.
With the lip liner draw a V on the upper lip following the shape of the mouth and rounding it off towards the outer edges. Fill in with the lip colour and apply a dash of gloss.

Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Desire 97 [lip pencil]
Chanel Rouge Coco - Carmen 466 [lip colour]
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss - Bitter Orange 752 [lip gloss]

Chanel Ombre Premier - 804 Scintillance [Inner Eyes]
Chanel Ombre Premier - 812 Noir [Outer Eyes]
Chanel Gel Sourcils = 350 Transparent. [ Eyebrows]
Chanel Dimensions de Chanel - 40 

Aiana Wore a black heavy Chiffon shirt top that gave her a feminine as well as a powerful look distinct of the 40's era. She wore it with a denim skirt and enhanced the look with a patent leather broad belt that enhanced the look and still kept it modern. She kept the look chic and elegant making it workable for a corporate event or even an evening out. 


In this period of rebuilding the economy, on one hand they opposed the traditional role of women - one they fought to suppress during the wartime and on the other hand, they long to embrace their sexuality and femininity. The focus was on the body, and the face was seen as one whole element in perfect proportion. Here there was a division of looks between teenage and fresh on one side and sensual and feminine on the other, resulting in two strongly opposing role models. The Voluptuous and feminine Marilyn Monroe and the cool and self-confident Audrey Hepburn. This decade was also the birth of technicolour which dramatically changed the makeup perspective. 

Bright Reds and Sensual Pinks ruled the 50's
Technique - A Voluptuous mouth, Draw the lip line slightly beyond the natural shape of the lip to create a slightly voluptuous pout. Fill in with lip colour and layer with gloss. 

Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Rouge Profond 57 [Lip Pencil]
Chanel Rouge Coco - Carmen 466 [Lip Colour]
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss - 756 Chilli [Lip Gloss]

Chanel Les 4 Ombre - 268 Candeur EF Experience [Eyeshadow]
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils - 350 Transparent [Eyebrows]
Chanel Dimensions De Chanel - 40 [Mascara]

Vinitha wore a Black short sleeved top with Grey trousers Keeping the look casual and a bit formal that downplayed the sexy pout. She made the lips more wearable for a day event as well as an evening event that would not be so red carpet or formal. 


This decade was characterized by the artistic revolution and the hippie movement which went hand in hand with the anti-war rebellion. Pale. frosty and unusual colours became trendy, the idea being to achieve an arty look without being explicitly sexual. For the first time modern art had a direct influence on fashion and beauty, thereby rejecting conventional definitions.

Opaque colours, mother of pearl, baby pink and Silver white dominated the 60's

Strong and rounded outer edges with a soft peak drawn with the the lip liner and filled into the entire lip. Layer with lip colour for a large and pouty lip.

Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Pivoine 32 [Lip Pencil]
Chanel Rouge Coco - 412 Tehran [Lip Colour]

Chanel Ombre Premiere - 812 Noir Petrole [Eye Shadow Cream]
Chanel Ombre Premiere - 26 Noir Satin [Eye Shadow]
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils - 350 Transparent [ Eyebrows]
Chanel Dimensions De Chanel - 40 [Mascara]

Urvashi wore a printed jersey knit dress with a shawl that kept the look fresh and easy. The small print on the fabric accentuated the 60's feel without looking dated. The shawl easily takes the look from day to early evening


Saturday Night Fever, Studio 54, platform shoes and disco ruled this decade. The era was defined by women who broke social conventions and explored boundaries including their sexuality. 

Lip Gloss, Glitter and shimmer accentuated every lip colour. Pink Lavender magenta and soft shimmers were the rage.


Line the entire lip to its natural shape while correcting the symmetry. Fill in with the lip colour. With a wet brush or Q tip apply glitter just to the center of the lips. Apply gloss over it. 


Chanel Le Crayon Leveres - Framboise 37 [Lip Pencil]
Chanel Rouge Coco - 454 Jean [Lip Colour]
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss - Confusion 764 


Chanel Ombre Premier - Scintilance 804 [Cream shadow Base]
Chanel Ombre Premier - Talpa 14 [Layered on Top]
Chanel Le Ger Sourcils -350 Transparent.
Chanel Inimitable - Black [Mascara]

Pallavi wore a denim polka dotted dress. The Print which was buzzing the 70's. The anti fit shape of the dress is what makes it modern as well. 


The Era of Provocative Punk music and culture which gave rise to the first anti-beauty movement.Men gave in to the desire to look like women and women wanted to look like them, giving birth to gender fluid fashion. 

Makeup was strong eyes with dark lips and a complete boycott of gloss from the previous decade. Pastels and a range of shades and colours gave women the opportunity to buy every colour and match a look, a mood or an outfit. The key lip colours were dark to black and with a metallic effect.


The Lip shape is very defined and sharp. Line the entire lip keeping the peaks and corner sharp. Fill in with the lip pencil, followed by the lip colour. Matt with a tissue. Add a lighter colour cream eye shadow to the center and the peaks of the mouth. Followw with metallic eye shadow or pigment of a lighter shade.


Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Rouge PRofond 57 [Lip Pencil]
Chanel Rouge Coco - 456 Erik


Chanel les 4 Ombre - 268 Candeur et expérience [Inner eyes]
Chanel Ombre Premier - 810 Pourpre [Outer Eyes]
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils - 350 Transparent [Eye Brows]
Chanel Dimensions De Chanel - 40 [Mascara]

As the 80's was a decade of big prints, bold style and colours, Namrata wanted to go all-in, into this vibrant era. And so she picked this super loose shirt with a really big floral print and paired it with those then famous tight skinny pants. She has worn the shirt as an off-shoulder top and belted it a little above the waist to keep the shirt in place while also giving it some structure.


The extravagances of the 80's gave way to grunge and unfussy fashion where everything was allowed. This was the era of Supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell where healthy glowing skin insinuated women's idea of beauty. 

Classic Red Lips was still popular along with neutral or dark lips done with a clearly visible outline. The colours that ruled were coral,  peaches and browns in either creamy or matte.


Outline the lips with a dark lip pencil, and matte it out. Apply a near to flesh or natural lip colour inside. The lip colour should be at least 3 to 4 shades lighter than the lip liner being used. Apply the lip liner again to create a more dramatic effect. Add just a hint of gloss to the center of the lips.


Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Rouge Profond 57
Chanel Rouge Coco - Michelle 468
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss - 776 Impulsion.


Chanel Ombre Premier - 804 Scinitillance [Inner Eyes]
Chanel Ombre Premier - 812 Noir [Outer Eyes and Water Line]
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils - 350 Transparent 
Chanel Dimensions De Chanel - 40 [Mascara]

Aiana Wore a stripped T with ripped jeans a staple of casual dressing from the 80's thats still in style today. Her style is casual and day and wears the lips with ease for the day out.  She has made the look casual and not as heavy as it could have looked with another outfit. 


The new Millennium saw the return to our basic needs and the appreciation for the bare essentials. Even though the start of the new millennium saw a lot of bright colours individual choices turned quickly to neutral and flesh tones, bringing out the natural shape of the lip and giving it a polished finish.

The colours that were trending were soft and warm shades of caramel, beiges, pinks and apricot.
It was a revival of browns and neutrals. 


LIne the lip, stay with natural shades and fill in with colour.


Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Beige Innocent 93
Chanel Rouge Coco - 48 Michelle


Chanel Ombre Premier - 812 Noir Petrol
Chanel Ombre Premier - 26 Noir Satin
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils -350 Transparent
Chanel Dimensions De Chanel - 40

Urvashi wore a wrap dress that is easy to wear from day to evening. It is casual and chic at the same time. The colour too being earthy gives the style a very organic feel without looking over dressed or trying too hard. The top knot variation works well to keep it modern and wearable.

2010's [Now]

From 2000 to now lips have gone powerful reflecting women at work, their social structure and economic earning. Mattes have made a strong comeback in deep bold colours. Lip augmentation and fillers come easy as birthday presents. The influence of Kylie Jenner's very defined and extra lip 'look' and revolutionary lip kit has made this a global trend. 

Deep Reds, Burgundy, Black, Purple and even Blue's and Green's rule this current trend.


Line the entire lip with a lip liner and fill in also with the lip liner for an extra matte and saturated pigment effect. Finish with lip colour covering the entire lip. Keep the edges absolutely clean and lines perfect.


Chanel Le Crayon Levres - Scarlet 95 [Lip Liner]
Chanel Rouge Coco - Marthe 470


Chanel Les 4 Ombre - 268 Candeur Et Experience
Chanel Le Gel Sourcils - 350 Transparent
Chanel Dimensions De Chanel - 40

Vinitha wore this Black long sleeved Polo with grey trousers to emphasise power dressing. This style wears well from day to night, from office to party. The strong mouth compliments the style and works well with her face and also her frame. Keeping it feminine and strong at the same time.